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Donning Doffing & Care of a Dry Suit
The Searching Rivers and Floods course is intended for agencies responding to water-based searches. It focuses on the development of in-water search operations and management appropriate to the flooded urban environment and river corridor searches. It also provides an insight into the overall search management process.
As well as being prepared to work around the water and undertake bank based and shallow water wading rescues, one of the main roles of a First Responder is to support the teams of Swiftwater Rescue Technicians at an incident. To enable this, a responder will have the ability to self rescue, skills in shallow water working, basic boat handling and basic rope work. ---- A First Responder will be expected to help and support in technical rescue, but will not be expected to perform them. This may include providing downstream safety cover or assistance with casualty handling. Flooding operations may include evacuation of people from properties using shallow water working skills. At a scene of major flooding the Technicians may be in short supply and utilised for technical rescues. Therefore it is First Responders who will be used to undertake the majority of evacuations and safety provision.
This course is designed for people who are issued with a lifejacket and who will operate near water as part of their job function, eg construction workers etc. As such, it is not intended that they will enter the water, and a manual or auto-inflation lifejacket is worn as PPE for accidental water entry only.
A classroom-based course that looks at the hazards and risk associated with inland (lakes, canals, rivers) and coastal water. It looks at basic control measures and safe working practices that can be introduced, including types of PPE and their use. The Water Awareness and Safety course is an industry level course for all personnel who may be called to work near water. The comparable course for those supporting rescue teams isWater and Flood Awareness (AW).